5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

May 22, 2019 3 min read

Unique Flower Engagement Rings

Just as wedding websites and apps have changed the way a wedding is planned, online jewelry retailers are transforming the shopping experience for engagement rings completely. The days are gone when you'd go to one or two jewelry stores and stress that you can't find the perfect one. Now, as you turn your computer on, pull up a chair, and search for a commitment ring worthy of being worn for a lifetime, your choices seem limitless.

Vidar Boutique, a wedding and engagement ring company that has been in the market for 10 years. With passion for making unique ring designs, such as flower engagement rings, where they saw the massive demand in the jewelry market. They are proud of holding professional standards in their crafts. Their business uses state-of - the-art technologies to make the online purchase of the engagement ring a completely transparent, affordable and painless experience for the groom and the bride. With the mission of sharing the beauty, the thoughtfulness and the love that is a unique ring for your significant other. Here's why we think it's clever to buy an online engagement ring:

1. It’s Beyond Easy

We buy online our flat-screen TVs, furniture, clothes, including our grocery stores. Making a major online purchase is not only more common these days, but it is now easier (and safer) than ever before. You can search for and select an engagement ring at home without the stress and fuss of having a sales-person pressure you to buy that over-your-budget engagement ring, and with features as free shipping, ring customization, appraisal certificate and a lifetime warranty, online stores like Vidar Boutique have made it completely foolproof.

2. You Can Focus on the Quality

If you have ever shopped for a diamond, you know how overwhelming the process can be. Engagement rings tend to be men and women’s first foray into fine jewelry, as well as one of the biggest single purchase (aside from a car or home) that a couple will make in their relationship. Vidar Boutique offers a collection of its rings, which you can browse on their website. This is actually BETTER than the loupe of the jeweler that you’d use to see the diamond in a store… and again, while you look, you don’t have a salesman hovering over you.

3. It’s Affordable

You can find better prices for online-only retailers for big-ticket items like engagement rings because they don’t have the overhead brands with brick and mortar locations. At Vidar Boutique, for instance, they have a “payment plan”. For more details, you can contact them. It becomes a priority to be able to concentrate on one thing and only one thing (like selling the perfect ring) and the cost benefit extends to you.

4. You Have WAY more Choices

Whether you’re going to a big name retailer or a small jewelry store, inventory is limited at brick and mortar locations. Vidar Boutique has over 100 certified rings and settings which you can choose from, allowing you to create the right combination of 4 C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat) for your taste budget.

5. It Will Always Be Special

Buying an online engagement ring doesn't take the experience away. I would argue, in fact, that it makes shopping for engagement ring much better. Trekking from store to store can make you and/or your future spouse stressful, expensive, and cloud a potentially nerve-wrecking time. Being able to talk at any time to a graduate gemologist and other expert customer service members about a ring that you fell in love with on the site (or even designing a custom engagement ring ... yes, you can do that too!) is why an online retailer like Vidar Boutique will be the go-to source for unique and affordable, quality engagement rings. Feeling confident and comfortable with your decision is what makes special occasions "special" and one you're never going to forget.

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