About us

Our company has been in the wedding ring market for 10 years, so we decided to open an online boutique.

Shop here to share our passion for unique ring designs! We began producing unique ring designs such as flower engagement rings when we saw the massive demand in the jewelry market. Vidar Boutique makes many one of a kind rings.

We hold professional standards and excel in our crafts so we're pleased to welcome you to enjoy our most recent unique ring wedding ring designs.

Share the beauty, the thoughtfulness, and the love that is a unique ring with your significant other.


Why should you choose to buy from us?

We provide:

  • 3 professional designers who excel in unique designs
  • Exclusive, limited edition custom-made rings
  • Highest quality materials with certificates of authenticity
  • Custom ring design per customer request
  • Free international shipping
  • Consistent customer service
  • Flexibility; payment plans, discounts, tips and more!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our rings

We believe there should be no middleman! We design, sell, produce and ship the rings ourselves, saving you a lot of money in the process.