Yes. We can create everything you can imagine.

Yes, we switch to any stone that the market has to offer, like sapphire, emerald, ruby ,morganite , colored diamonds etc.

Yes, you can choose between white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, black gold, platinum etc

Yes. We can custom made any of our rings with any size you want.

If you need financial help you can use our "payment plan". Contact us for more details.

Usually, it takes up to 3 weeks to custom made and send it to the customer.

First of all, the images and videos display the ring's appearance in the highest possible accuracy.

Second of all, if the ring was sold from the shop's stock we have a 14 day return and full refund policy.

If the ring was custom-built per customers request there is no refund, this is part of our terms of service. However, depending on the situation we might allow a customer to choose another ring, each case is checked specifically.

Just let us know, we can send a ring size measurer free of charge to your house!

First of all, you may come to your local jewelcrafter who can resize it for you.

Second of all, you can send your ring to us and have it resized free of charge.

We are an online manufacturing shop that is based on a consumer-producer connection, saving you all the trouble that gets between the two such as store locations, store rentals, salesmen etc. That way we can give personal service and save your money.

If a customer stills wants to try on a ring before committing to a purchase – you may request us to send you a plastic prototype of the ring free of charge which will reflect the look and feel of the real ring.

We offer full warranty for a year for repair or replacement of any stone which fell out (not including centerpiece). It is recommended for the customer to insure his ring through a personal insurance company. Vidar Boutique provides an authenticity certificate which will be valid for insurance.

Vidar Boutique ships worldwide for free through FedEx fast delivery service (48 hours max), personally insuring every delivery to your doorstep.

We can customize any ring from our store to any budget – just let us know what's your price range and we'll make sure to change the ring accordingly for you.

You can resize your diamond, replace any other gem, change precious metal type and more!

The customers can use our payment service to divide his payment into a monthly plan, and we can even send the ring to the customer before the payment is complete. In any case, each individual situation is carefully looked-through and the customer signs a loan agreement.

Vidar Boutique ensures personal care and VIP service for any customer who would like to customize a ring.

www.vidarboutique.com/products/custom-design-product-by-vidar-boutique, pay $299, and we will begin to work with you constantly, designing a ring precisely to your needs. We will send sketches, videos and price offerings. After we reach a result you may commit, and we will begin production.

We accept PayPal, credit/debit cards, banker transfer, cheque or our payment plan (splitting the payment). On top of that, you may pay half the price before the production and then another half after we're done making the ring. We are very flexible with our payments and make sure to best fit the needs of our customers.

You can read about us at our website's about page www.vidarboutique.com/pages/about-us, we've got plenty of good reviews and you can check our galleries for proof of satisfied customers. In any case, when paying through PayPal or credit you are 100% insured.

We only work with natural stones and diamonds straight from the depths of the earth. Precious gemstones and diamonds also come with a geologically verified certificate of authenticity.

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