Diamond Rings Vs. Moissanite Rings

May 23, 2019 2 min read

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A Diamond Engagement Ring is one of the most common and valuable stones used in engagement and wedding rings. It is the popular choice of many who wish to prove their love. But its cost maybe too expensive that you would want to see another option, more affordable but just as beautiful. One of the most popular options is the moissanite. You’ve probably heard about this but do you know what it’s actually made of? Moissanite was originally discovered in 1893 in a meteor crater. It is a very rare and scarce mineral.

If you’re torn between these two stones, we are going to compare them so you can choose which is the perfect one for you!

Color Comparison

Certified Diamonds are graded on color and can be compared with one another. Classic Moissanite on other hand is not colorless and the color is oftenly compared to a GIA-certified K-color Diamond. Similar with Diamonds, smaller moissanite stones have a more colorless look. Moissanite stones may also project a yellow or green hue under certain lighting.

Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for moissanite to be completely colorless and similar to a GIA-certified E-color diamond.

Hardness Comparison

The harder the material is, the more difficult it is to scratch. It means that it is more durable and will last a longer time! On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, moissanite mineral scored 9.25 which is a great score and is higher than most gemstones used in jewelries besides diamonds. Diamond of course is the hardest mineral with a perfect score of 10.

Brilliance Comparison

Brilliance is the ability to reflect white light. It is a good measure for how much a diamond will “sparkle”. And when it comes to brilliance, moissanite is actually more brilliant since it disperses light very well. Moissanite stones are also less likely to attract grease or dirt compared to a diamond. This feature helps mossanite stones to keep their sparkle longer in between cleanings.


Both stones are amazing in their own ways. Although moissanite does not exactly replicate the look of the diamond, it still presents a viable option for those not wanting to purchase a diamond engagement ring due to its expensive cost.
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