Engagement Rings for Your Zodiac Sign

May 17, 2019 5 min read

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Engagement Rings for Your Zodiac Sign


Looking for guidance to the stars is an ancient practice, but if it suddenly appears to you everywhere, you're on to something.  Massive astrological appreciation has taken over, and the integration of zodiac signs and celestial elements into fashion and design has rapidly become vogue. But how can your zodiac sign be applied to your engagement ring style? Astrology tells us that we are influenced by the position of celestial bodies at the exact time of birth, which translates into how we see and interact with the world. This translates into traits of personality, our likes and dislikes, and yes, our appreciations of aesthetics. We're skipping right past what your birthstone says about you in this article and translating every zodiac sign into a visual representation of one of the most meaningful symbols of love: the engagement ring.

So whether you're a loud and proud Leo or an intense and mysterious Scorpio, here at Vidar Boutique, we've selected for you the perfect engagement ring for your zodiac sign.


 Aries Engagement Ring


Aries Style: Fiery + Adventurous

The fact that Aries is the zodiac's first sign says: they are adventurous, pioneering spirits who love to be # 1. Aries is a fearless bunch of natural go-getters who don't mind standing out. They really like it. The best engagement ring for Aries points to its soft side with a romantic red ruby for this fiery but sweet sign. Vidar’s Unique Lotus Flower Ruby Engagement Ring is the perfect match for an Aries. Considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life, the Ruby is a perfect example for powerful feelings, it complements the ring as a reminder of the marriage union and the promises that have been made.

Taurus Engagement Ring

Taurus Style: Rich looking neutrals

Taurus ' Zodiac sign is about quality over quantity in all aspects of life. Known for their stubborn streak, Taurus knows just what they like and is patient enough to wait. A luxurious ring of rich yellow gold with a beautiful diamond gives them the unmistakable style of classic they desire. Perfect example is the Floral Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, only from Vidar Boutique.

Gemini Engagement Ring

Gemini Style: Sunny, Not Serious

Quick-thinking, talkative and energetic, Mercury, the god of communication and information, rules Geminis unsurprisingly. A natural social butterfly and sometimes (ok lots of time) gossip, this friendly zodiac sign can be labeled as flighty for its opposing forces of light and dark, and easily bored. Geminis would love an engagement ring that is fun and versatile; vintage-inspired but with an intense and mysterious dark stone, modern and bold, sunny and golden. The Flower Engagement Ring Sapphire 1.5 Carat from Vidar Boutique is the perfect match for this celestial sign.

Cancer Engagement Ring

Cancer Style: Comfy and Romantic

Moody but lovable, Cancer's moon-ruled astrological sign seeks comfort and loves a good night's coziness. Cancers are notoriously sensitive, fiercely loyal to those they love, and their own big-as-the-moon heart is positively protective. A low-maintenance, comfortable design is the best engagement ring for Cancer. Nothings say Moon like the Black Gold Ruby Floral Engagement Ring from Vidar Boutique.

Leo Engagement Ring (or Wedding Ring)

Leo Style: Loud and Proud

Leos, the fifth zodiac astrological sign, is confident, glamorous, and as proud as its symbol: the lion. Leos loves the spotlight where they can best shine their signature charm and elegance. The lioness also leans toward the dramatic, and an absolute showstopper must be the best ring for Leo. Vidar Boutique’s Unique Flower Morganite Wedding Ring Set is the perfect ring for Leos.

Virgo Engagement Ring

Virgo Style: Put Together ­+ Playful

You probably think of a Virgo when you think of a perfectionist. Virgo's are practical, polished, but still down to earth, calculated, hard-working and polite. Virgo's best engagement ring is streamlined, with a minimalist design that goes down to business. Nothing says minimalism yet elegant than Vidar Boutique’s Unique Flower White Sapphire Engagement Ring.

Libra Engagement Ring

Libra Style: Refined + Luxe

A lover of all beautiful things, of course, Libra is ruled by Venus. It's all about balancing classic basics with sophistication for calm and cool Libras. Vidar Boutique’s dedication for Libras is the Unique Blue Diamond Engagement Ring with Leaves. Libras are drawn to elegant styles and when wearing bolder pieces apply their signature grace.

Scorpio Engagement Ring

Scorpio Style: Edgy + Sexy

There is no more polarizing astrological sign than Scorpio, intense, emotional and passionate. This mysterious sign, born during the fall, gravitates towards the season's rich burgundies and dark autumnal hues. Scorpio's best engagement ring is black, black and black, with a mysterious, moody center stone. Vidar Boutique’s Unique Black Diamond Flower Engagement Ring is the perfect choice for Scorpios.

Sagittarius Engagement Ring

Sagittarius Style: Free-spirited + Flashy

Raid a Sagittarius' closet and you will find more than just your fair share of sequins and shine. Sags' larger-than-life personality loves to have fun, outgoing, extroverted and not afraid to speak their minds. Sagittarius and Vidar’s Unique Floral Morganite Engagement Ring is the perfect match made it the stars.

Capricorn Engagement Ring

Capricorn Style: High End + Work Ready

Capricorns, the most hard-working sign in the zodiac, love luxury and are just ambitious and sufficiently disciplined to reap all the material benefits of being a boss. Caps may lean more "work hard" than "play hard" as the astrological sign of worldly success, but when they do, they're dressed up to the nines at the city's chicest spot. Vidar Boutique’s Unique Flower Engagement Ring Sapphire Princess Cut is the perfect choice for the celestial sign of Capricorn.

Aquarius Engagement Ring

Aquarius Style: Original and Unexpected

The Aquarius is the zodiac's hardest-to-pin-down member with a reputation as the most eccentric astrological sign. Notoriously independent to the point of being rebellious, Aquarians are not in the process of following trends, unintentionally out-weirding everyone else. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water-Bearer, of course, Vidar Boutique’s Floral Aquamarine Halo Engagement Ring is the perfect flow for an Aquarius.

Pisces Engagement Ring

Pisces Style: Artistic + Feminine

In the final astrological sign in the zodiac, ethereal fishes, the final astrological sign is wildly romantic and perhaps just a little too idealistic. The Pisces personality traits also extend to their fashion whimsical, feminine, and just the slightest bit “out there.” The Flower Engagement Ring Aquamarine and Pisces is the perfect match, both share the heartfelt touch of free-flowing flourish of the stars.





















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