The World of Vidar – From Flower Engagement Rings to Men’s Wedding Bands

October 02, 2022 4 min read

Unique Flower Engagement Rings

Looking over our collection of flower and nature inspired engagement rings, we are sure you have learned quite plenty about key elements in design for women and have gained a new appreciation for the amazing art of delicate style, with thin twigs, leaves, branches and petals being central elements in the world of flower engagement rings – but what do you know about men’s style?
Allow us to share with you some keys to flawless and sharp men’s style with wedding bands!

First of all, there is the obvious fact that men’s wedding bands tend to be thicker, more robust rings, usually made of white gold, yellow gold, black gold, rose gold or sometimes platinum. Some men’s wedding bands are plain, meaning they contain no gemstones – while many others are decorated with either one gemstone (often termed solitaire) or multiple gemstones in a multitude of configurations, such as channel set or bezeled gems.
Some popular gems for men’s wedding bands are diamond, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and even colored diamonds such as black diamonds or blue diamonds!
The main point we are trying to bring, is that the variety is endless!

Thankfully we are no longer limited by past preceptions and there is so much more room for self-expression for men these days, and men are able to keep their personality and sense of style even in a professional environment and in marriage.
Even if your work setting is one that demands a black-tie dress code, and you feel like you have 0 room for self-expression, nobody can prevent you from wearing your wedding bands, so that is somewhere you can diversify your fit and show the world who you are!

Don’t forget that marriage is a big shift in life, moving from being one person to being two halves of a whole, and it is perhaps one of the most important stages in life. Suddenly, the lines will be blurred as you now share a house, a routine, perhaps even children. Where do you define yourself within that line? It is important to aspire to retain your personality and keep your sense of self in order to feel like you are still the person you were before the wedding, in order to avoid frustration in your relationship and a feeling of loss of the previous life.

Since you’re browsing, we assume you are on your quest to find the ring with which you will propose to your’s truly – but did you know we can continue with you on your journey all the way from here on out to the altar?
The Vidar brand team has over a decade of experience crafting custom wedding bands as well as engagement rings, and if you’re getting an engagement band you should know that in the near future you will be getting wedding bands!
Although Vidar Boutique specializes in floral style feminine engagement rings and wedding bands, it is only a branch of the Vidar tree – and we offer a multitude of other styles. Over at Vidar Jewelry you can enjoy a wide variety of men’s wedding bands, matching wedding band sets, and even styles that break the traditional mold just as we do here at Vidar Boutique!
To learn more, visit us at and enjoy incredible styles!

If you are familiar with the Vidar brand, you will know we are experts at handmaking every ring per order, so just like you can customize your engagement ring to be with any gemstone and in any gold colour, the same applies for Vidar Jewelry. Everything is manageable and customizable!

Even if in our vast collection you did not find the perfect ring for you we can make a ring from scratch for you! Let us know the details and we will bring to life easily.

Our main concern and central goal at the Vidar brand is the full satisfaction of our customers, that is why we have dedicated ourselves to figuring out new and exciting ways to design wedding bands and engagement rings for any man and woman.
We are open to any and all modifications of our ring styles, but we are sure that there is truly something for any man with 280+ unique designs (and growing).

A great tip we can give you is to not be afraid of bold and extravagant designs, it might feel odd at first when you realize you feel very connected to an unusual design, but trust your gut and know that subconsciously you truly do know what is best for you! Of course, if you are still feeling like a more conservative design is the right thing for you, we have plenty of classic and timeless designs which use minimalist key components of vintage men’s fashion to craft designs that never go out of style, and are fit for a man of any age.

For us, it doesn’t matter when you are getting married, whether you are 20 or 60, our rings are independent of time, and are certain to outlast the lucky groom and become family heirlooms. With the highest quality materials and hand craftsmanship the best thing you could do for yourself is own a Vidar ring.

We use an advanced technology of 3D modeling of the rings so we can create you a prototype of your ring that you request to customize, so that you can see an approximation of what the finished product looks like way ahead! This way, you are able to request any tweaks and changes before we actually start making the ring, so there is no increased cost for modifications.

If you are still having doubts, we invite you to talk to the expert jewelers of our team, who will happily provide you any information you desire about the ring-making proccess, available materials, budgeting and time limitations and even style guides!
The Vidar brand team has over a decade of experience, and hundreds of satisfied customers who have chosen to go with us from the proposal, to the isle, and now wearing our rings for the rest of their lives every single day!
We would love to hear from you the story of how you met, or special hobbies you take part in together, so we can create a custom ring or matching bands that represent something special in your relationship as well
Whether you want an engagement ring, wedding bands, or even just some marriage advice, Vidar has you covered!

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